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Update from David & Brittaney:
As we continue to be excited for what God is doing in Manassas, and as we’ve continued to think and pray over this ministry we have an exciting update to our plans.

As we have researched, we have been learning the need for some more training and a longer range plan for starting this ministry. And so there are a couple wonderful training opportunities David is going to be a part of this year. One is a short program in May in Denver, and the other is a fellowship in DC throughout the summer. Both will provide training for this type of ministry.

Beyond that, we have determined that focusing on the ministry of Table now and our growth as a congregation will be key to the long-term success of any ministry we start out of Table. So while David is taking those training opportunities, and still developing relationships in Manassas, he is going to be focusing primarily on the work of Table here right now.

For this reason, we are excited to tell you we’ve decided to actually move to Centreville at the end of April. This way we are not far from Manassas, but we also have an opportunity to lean more into the life and ministry of the congregation.

So we ask you all to pray for the long range vision of ministry in Manassas that will grow out of Table, and we also ask you to celebrate with us as God moves us in our next steps to lean in here and allows us to share more of our lives together in the coming months.


What is The Manassas Peace Junction?

The Manassas Peace Junction is Table Covenant Church’s ministry which collaborates with people, churches, and other organizations to strengthen the Manassas community economically, relationally, and spiritually.

The formation of this ministry is being envisioned in three stages:


Stage 1 (Current): Responding to the invitation to join God’s work in Manassas.

  • We will continue to spend time carefully researching the assets and needs of the Manassas community in order to plan our future efforts.

  • We will spend significant time participating in good work already happening in the community in order to positively contribute, gain trust and relationships, and let our future efforts be shaped by the voices of the community.

Stage 2: Creating new community and services.

  • Creating space for relationships to form and flourish (e.g. Manassas Table Group)

  • Creating sustainable projects that address immediate needs (e.g. tutoring, diaper bank)

Stage 3: Creating a long-term community development effort.

  • Formation of an asset-based community development effort based on successful organizational models. This may address job development, mentoring, neighborhood community organization, or other efforts. The key is to let the voices we hear in prior relationships and collaborations shape our long-term community development vision.


Here’s How You Can Get Involved Right Now:

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