Our hope is to plant with the Evangelical Covenant Church. Their process, though varying by region and local context, follows the outline listed below. We are currently in Phase C of this process with hopes to move to weekly worship by September 2016.

A. Calling:  (DONE!)
1. Recruitment
2. Assessment & Discernment Process
3. Assessment Center -- May 28-30, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN

B. Training:  (DONE!)
1. Church Planter Training Intensive
2. Launch Team Training Day

C. Start Strong:  (DONE!)
1. Prerequisites: 30 Adults, 1/3rd Funding, 1 Support Church
2. Well-Conceived Project Plan
3. Covenant Agreement Signing

D. Lead Well:
1. Supervision: Primarily the Conference Director of Church Planting (Jason Condon of the East Coast Conference)
2. Coaching: depending on Conferences and/or context, Combo of DCP, Church Planting Coaches, and Peer Coaches
3. Multiplication: Parent or Partner with other churches in the planting of their first church plant

4. Membership:
Upon meeting the necessary criteria and missional viability requirements, complete process for becoming a full member congregation in the Evangelical Covenant Church