June Update

Summer is well underway here and we are grateful for a slower rhythm and the warm weather that gets people outside.

The winter at Table Covenant Church was a challenging one as we navigated the departure of some core members and had to do some deep discernment regarding our future going forward. Though we still mourn the loss of many good friends and community members throughout the life of this church plant, we are always grateful for their part in our story and hopeful for our continued mission and purpose.

One of the surprising and exciting developments that came out of our season of discernment was some re-structuring of our pastoral team. Pastor Mike took a bit of a pay-cut and is pursuing some bi-vocational opportunities allowing the hiring of Phoebe Jones as our quarter-time Kids’ Table coordinator.


Phoebe has been a long-time members of our Launch Team and with this new role, will be bringing her passion and enthusiasm for children to our community. Pastor David has done a great job setting up our Children’s Ministry thus far, but we are excited for the new directions Phoebe will bring to the table.

As mentioned, summer is a slower rhythm for us, but we are hard at work developing plans and strategies for the coming fall including:

  • a larger-scale outreach event at our nearby Van Dyck Park in August - we will be throwing a block part on Sunday, Aug 11th as a way of blessing and getting to know our neighbors

  • re-structuring our communications strategy to better let the world out there about Table Covenant and helping people get plugged in (look for changes to our website, social media platforms and other online modes of getting the word out)

  • a new location for our annual Fall Retreat

  • increased partnership with our host church, Daniels Run Peace Church

  • all new rhythms around mid-week learning and community-building gatherings

At the end of the day, we believe the local church to be a long-term, slow, steady endeavor. There’s nothing splashy or fast-paced about Learning the Way of Jesus. We are committed to this slow, steady process and are actively seeking the balance between human-led strategy and innovation and discerning the work and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Would you pray for us as we continue down this path? Thank you always for your prayers and your support.