August Update

Summer is coming to an end and we are beginning the transition into the fall. That means back-to-school shopping, last minute vacations and a few final warm weather cookouts. 

Here is a quick update of how the summer went for Table Covenant:

1) New Space

We began the summer by moving into our new worship facility. We were already renting office space from the Daniel's Run Peace Church in Fairfax, so when we were offered an evening slot to worship in their sanctuary, we jumped on it! So far we've really enjoyed the clean, well-lit space and though there are some challenges that come with meeting in the evenings, for the most part both our Launch Team and visitors have had really positive things to say about the space.

Baby Ellie being dedicated by Pastor Devyn from Community Covenant Church

Baby Ellie being dedicated by Pastor Devyn from Community Covenant Church

2) July Sabbatical Month

We decided to anticipate lots of vacations and people being away in July and treated the entire month as a "sabbatical" for our Launch Team. That meant though we held service at the same time and place, we gave all of our volunteers the month off meaning we had kids with us in service the entire time, we had a more stripped down worship time and instead of a sermon, a more interactive Bible Study format. We wanted to emphasize the importance of resting to reengage with our mission and I think we succeeded.

3) Bible Studies

We also began two new Bible Studies this summer, one in Genesis 1-12 that met before service on Sunday and a Women's Study that met on Monday nights. Both were well-attended and were especially effective in helping newcomers plug in and allowing people with ministry giftings "step up" and lead. After a month off in September, we look forward to continuing our rhythm of being in the Word together.

Enjoying a post-service pizza meal

Enjoying a post-service pizza meal

4) Family on Mission Seminars

We invited the families in our congregation and our sister congregation, Community Covenant Church, to gather for a Saturday morning in August to consider what it means to do mission as a family, not by adding more activity to our lives, but by being intentional about the existing rhythms and relationships that we're already in. Our teacher, Jeff Saferite gave us excellent content and facilitated some really meaningful conversations between the couples who attended. We look forward to doing more of these seminars in the future, about once a semester.

5) Neighborhood Block Party

Lastly, we got a bunch of food, rented an inflatable obstacle course, set up some balloons and a face-painting station and threw a party for the neighborhood. There were some challenges with the facilities, but we had a great turnout and I think made a really good impression on our neighbors. We all agreed that this was a party worth throwing at least a couple times a year.


As always, we are so grateful for your support and prayers that make the ministry of Table Covenant Church possible.