June Update

Hello Friends and Supporters!

We are well into Summer and with a new season comes many changes to our life together at Table Covenant Church.

The biggest change is that we moved to a new time and location! Starting on June 4th, we moved from the University Mall Theatres into our new home at Daniel's Run Peace Church. This was a bit of a last-minute decision as the opportunity came to us quite suddenly, but after prayer and consultation, we sensed that the move was right. Meeting at the University Mall Theatres was taking a toll on our volunteers and though we loved being in a very public space, the cost of meeting there was not actually translating into many new visitors or people joining our community. 

Our move to Daniel's Run Peace Church made sense because we had an existing relationship with the pastor and council there (our pastoral team has offices in the building), it was still centrally located in the City of Fairfax and the space itself was a perfect fit for our small but growing community. Our little ones will especially benefit from clean and very kid-friendly meeting spaces. The one caveat is that we had to move to an evening service (5 pm) - our community seemed fine with it and so far it seems to be working out well. As my church planting coach likes to say, "make it a feature!" - and so we have! For late-risers, our church conveniently meets just before dinner time!


In other news, our intentional discipleship group continues to meet and is fruitfully engaging with the implications of the Gospel. We started a new pre-service Bible Study in Genesis led by our pastoral intern, David. Pre-marital counseling is continuing, pastoral hospital visits are taking place, we celebrated a baptism last month and we have a bunch of fun outreach events planned for the summer.

Things are going very well at Table Covenant Church. We feel like we're in the right physical space, buy-in and momentum is high and as October approaches, we are entering our final year of our 3-year church planting agreement with great confidence and hope.

As always, thank you so much for your prayers and support!