December Update

Merry Christmas!

It has been one year since we officially launched Table Covenant Church and we are so grateful for your support and participation in this mission.

Your generosity and prayers have enabled us to:

  • hire one full-time (Joe Riffe) and one part-time (David Tassell) staff - these two have been invaluable in helping us engage more with our surrounding community and create a robust and well-organized children's ministry
  • move from bi-weekly to weekly services (starting in January 2017) - our season of alternating between sunday services and home groups helped us establish strong rhythms of being gathered and scattered, being the people of God whether in a church service, home, work or local restaurant, but we are ready now to meet weekly and take the next step of growth and development as a church plant
  • engage in concerted outreach efforts - in the months of october and november, the majority of our Launch Team participated in a variety of outreach projects serving to ramp up to sustained engagement with our neighbors and surrounding communities. our efforts included participating in a massive meal preparation event, serving meals at an international student thanksgiving dinner, organizing a long-john drive and trail-mix preparation event for a local homeless shelter and collecting supplies for a local high school.
  • hosted two rounds of intentional discipleship -- around 20 people went through this 10-week program of learning what it means to BE and MAKE disciples
  • participate in many significant life-events including pre-marital counseling, child dedications, baptisms and adoptions - it has been a full and wonderful year!

We are excited for 2017. We are well-resourced and clear about our mission and vision. If you are praying for us, our main prayer request is more Launch Team Members to aid us in the mission.

We need about 30 more people to hit a critical mass to get to a sustainable place as a local church and also make possible the dream of launching a second church in 2-3 years.

Would you pray with us for those 30 people to join us in the coming months?

As always, thank you for your generous gifts and your faithful prayers. We are so grateful for your partnership with us in the Gospel, which we experience in such a profound way during this time of the year. God with us, Immanuel.