October Update

Though the weather is suddenly warm again, Northern Virginia is definitely in the midst of autumn. Kids and students are back in school, jackets are out again and at Table Covenant Church, we are back in the swing of things.

Here are a few updates to help you as you pray for us:

1. Pastoral Team

Well, the office space is finished and we have been happily meeting there on Tuesday mornings for our staff meetings, and throughout the week to do our work for about a month now. We are enjoying the space but more than that, we are very much getting into the rhythm of shared study, discussion and administration of church responsibilities. As a lone church planter, I (Mike) have very much longed for this kind of collaborative team work. We are also enjoying the rubbing of shoulders with the pastor at Daniels Run Peace Church (formerly Northern Virginia Mennonite Church, the owners of the building we are renting space from), and some of the pastoral staff at Hill City Church, with whom we share the space.

2. Fall Rhythm

Our Bi-Weekly rhythm is underway, and we are in the middle of our Ephesians series. We study a passage in our Home Groups on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, the sermon comes from the passage we studied the week before. In doing this, we are soaking ourselves in the words of Ephesians, allowing it to shape us as we engage with it in a variety of different forms. 

Our Intentional Discipleship Group is also underway - and we are using the office space to host that meeting which takes place on Tuesday evenings. We had our first sessions last week and based on the quality of discussion and engagement, this should be a really great time of mutual learning and encouragement toward the goal of being and making disciples.

In the past few months, we saw a baby dedicated, two young boys baptized, another boy adopted into a loving family and even had a few wedding engagements! Life is full at Table Cov right now.

3. One Year Anniversary!

Though not technically an anniversary because we're not an established church yet, nonetheless we celebrated one year since we signed our Church Planter's Covenant Agreement with the ECC, formally launching our church plant. We can't believe it's been a year already! We have seen many people come and join our Launch Team during that year, but also said goodbye to Launch Team members as well. Our mission continues to clarify, but it is oftentimes a tricky process to keep things in focus in the light of the demands of life and ever-shifting priorities. We are, however, grateful. 

a number of us stuck around after service to celebrate our first year as a church plant

a number of us stuck around after service to celebrate our first year as a church plant

For every supporter, Launch Team Member, intercessor, we are so grateful for your prayers and encouragement. Here are a few practical ways you can be praying for us:

1. Leadership:  though we have three pastoral staff, we could still use more leadership in the areas of worship leading and children's ministry. If you know people who would be a good fit or have some recommendations for where we could look, we would greatly appreciate it!

2. Meeting Location: we are happy at the movie theater where we are currently meeting, but are realizing that it may have some limitations that ultimately require a change of venue. please pray for us as we begin exploring our options and pitching some alternatives to our Launch Team.

3. Outreach Projects: we spent the better part of this first year really focusing on our Sunday Service and our Home Groups, but our outreach efforts went a little dormant. Part of this was due to my (Mike's) inability to start more stuff with limited time and resources, but with the addition of David and Joe, we are now ready to fully re-engage with the community. pray for us as we have lined up a number of outreach and service projects for the next few months. we're thinking of these as a) warm-up exercises as we get back into the swing of engaging our communities and b) an opportunity to invite more of our friends to participate in the life of our church outside of Sunday Service and Home Groups

Thank you again for your support!