Hello Friends and Supporters!

It's been a while since our last update. In that time, however, we've grown our launch team, pulled off a successful fundraiser and are that much closer to signing a church planter agreement with the ECC.

1. Fundraiser Update

On Sunday, Aug 23rd, Community Covenant Church in Springfield hosted a fundraiser evening for us (pictured above) and it was a wonderful time of sharing the vision of the church plant and inviting friends and family to partner with us as we make a big push toward launching. We were blown away by people's generosity and felt very supported and affirmed in our calling to plant in Fairfax.

Below is the short video we showed at the event:

If you were unable to make it but still want to contribute financially to our plant, please visit our giving page at:  www.tablecovchurch.org/give

2. Member Update

With the addition of a few more faithful and courageous individuals, we are that much closer to reaching our goal of 30 committed members to form our launch team. If you or somebody you know is interested in helping a young church plant get established in Fairfax and have 6-12 months to give to this project, please check out the details here.

3. How to Pray

As always, we are so grateful for and dependent on your prayers as we pursue this calling. Here are a few ways you can be praying for us:

  • we're aiming for our two "benchmarks" of $60,000 pledged over three years and 30 committed members to be reached by September 1st - that date is quickly arriving but we are confident that we will get there. will you pray with us that God provides the last of the funding and the right people to join our team?
  • Mike will be at an intensive church planter's training from Sept 16-21. pray for a fruitful time of learning and preparation and pray also for Min Cha as she will be home alone with the boys during that extended time away.
  • preparations - as we are getting closer to launch, we need to start making plans - every detail from where we will be meeting to worship equipment to ministry coordinators must be researched and budgeted for and put together. this is a daunting task so we covet your prayers

These past few months have been so encouraging for us. With the church planter's assessment center, the joining of a few more key families and members and the outpouring of support, we feel very hopeful and excited about the days to come.

Please continue in prayer with us and for us.