We have great news:  Min and I returned from Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago with a recommendation to church plant with the Evangelical Covenant Church! Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words. JJ was a great travel companion and Sammy did great at home with the help of lots of friends and family.


The assessment center itself was a fantastic experience. We met tons of great people and it was so good for Min and myself to experience this together. We both feel very encouraged and affirmed in our calling to plant a church with this wonderful denomination.

Now that this important step has been taken, we are more focused and motivated than ever. Our Launch Team has also been energized by this news and we are committed to extending more invitations for people to join our team as we make preparations to launch.

As we do this, we need your help! There are three ways you can be involved in helping us with this process:

1. Pray!

2. Spread the word:  share this blog post online, tell people you think might be interested in joining our team. We need around 30 committed members to launch and we are at 15. Might you or someone you know be a good fit for our team? You can commit for 6-12 months with the very specific goal of helping the church get launched. Our website has all the pertinent info:  www.tablecovchurch.org

3. Give: we are still short of our financial goal and every bit helps. Check out our giving options here.

We are grateful for all of you who keep up with these updates and are rooting for a successful launch.