It's the season of Pentecost! If you're unfamiliar, Pentecost was originally a Jewish festival held 50 days after Passover celebrating the giving of the Law at Sinai. It became extremely important for Christians when the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles on the Pentecost after Jesus' resurrection. You can read all about this in Acts chapter 2.

A short update this month, but an important invitation to join with us in prayer for this coming week.

Things with the plant are going great. Our launch team is really committed and bought in and we have most of our key leadership positions in place and a good chunk of our fundraising completed. We've been enjoying meeting at the Green Acres Center and have been busy serving at Shelter House and having dinners at Launch Team members' houses. It's been great seeing the community come together. As we continue to study the birth of the church in the book of Acts, we are compelled by the actions of that young community:  "They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" (Acts 2:42).

The big prayer request we have for you this month is for the upcoming ECC Church Planter's Assessment Center in Minneapolis. From May 28-30, Min and myself are traveling with JJ to spend 2 days in a pretty intensive time with other church planter's and assessors culminating with a final assessment recommending or not recommending us for church planting. Oftentimes this assessment process comes first, followed by gathering a launch team and raising funds, but we are reversing the process somewhat. This assessment center is a crucial step in establishing our church plant with the Evangelical Covenant Church and availing ourselves of funding and resources.

So, how can you pray?

First, pray for us that we would be fully present at the center and able to articulate our vision clearly and effectively. Pray also for wisdom for the assessors in their discernment of our candidacy. 

Second, pray for Sammy and our family who will be staying behind. This is the longest Sammy will be away from his mom and though he's fairly well-adjusted, it will be a pretty unfamiliar experience for him. Pray for his aunt and other family members who will be caring for him while we are away.

I think that's it. Thanks for all your prayers and support during these early days of church planting.

As always, we covet your prayers but if you want to get more involved, you can:

a) give financially
b) join our launch team