Welcome to our first online update about our little church plant in Fairfax, VA.

First, our church plant has officially been adopted as a ministry of Community Covenant Church. This is great as it will solidify our partnership and give us a good infrastructure to work within while we prepare for our launch. Thanks to the great people at Community Covenant Church! For more about then, check out their website: www.communitycovchurch.org

Second, we have a tentative name! After going back and forth for a few months, our Launch Team finally landed on one of the early candidates, Table Covenant Church. We love the three images of the table that inspired this name:  the Lord's Table from which we take communion, the Dinner Table where family and food come together, and the Table in the Public Space -- the coffee shop, the restaurant, the board room, the classroom. Tables are where community, conversation, friendships and stories are shared. We like the name Table for our fledgling church community. We also have a new home online at:


Third, we are starting to actively pursue meeting spaces in Fairfax City. Though we have enjoyed meeting in a home, we feel it is time to begin meeting in a more public venue, both to connect us to the city we hope to launch in and also to provide more of an on-ramp for potential Launch Team members.

Fourth, we are fully in the swing of our new rhythm:

First Sunday of the Month:  worship together and communion at Community Covenant Church in Springfield, VA
Second Sunday of the Month:  launch team meeting
Third Sunday of the Month:  service project
Fourth/Fifth Sunday of the Month:  launch team meeting

May 28-30, 2015 - Michael and Min Cha will both be traveling to Minnesota to undergo the ECC's Church Planter's Assessment Center. Receiving a "recommended" from this assessment center will be a critical step in becoming an official church plant of the ECC.

As always, here are some ways you can be involved:

1. Join our Launch Team! Whether you are committed to a local church or not, if you are local to Northern Virginia, we would ask for you to consider joining our team for the purpose of helping to launch a new missional church. This is a six-month commitment and you would not have to leave your current church to help us launch ours.

2. Pray!  As you get these updates, please take a moment to lift our group and our mission up in prayer. We still have a long way to go and we covet all the prayers of our supporters.

3. Give!  If you are able to, we would love for you to financially support us as well. We have a ways to go before we will be financially sustainable and these early days are critical in laying a firm financial foundation. The goal is to raise $30,000 before we publicly launch. You can give online at:  give.tablecovchurch.org

Thank you!