On Sunday, Nov 15th, we held our first "dry run" preview service at the University Mall Theatres. Though we were unsure of how it would go and it was our first time really meeting in the space and trying the AV equipment and the children's program, everything really went well! Praise God!

We have a much better sense of how things will work on a given Sunday and have a bunch of things we need to do for our next time in the space. 

Though it was primarily our Launch Team, we had a few "surprise" guests in the form of people who had expressed interest in the Church Plant and were totally willing to come to a dry run knowing that it wouldn't be a fully-operational service. Having them there increased our level of excitement, though and our community really did a great job of not only pulling off the many things that needed to happen, but of being super-welcoming and hospitable as well!


We're going to do one more dry run (Dec 13th) and then if all goes well, open our doors to the public in January. Please be praying for us during that time. We still need to figure out a lot of the details and though it went very smoothly this past Sunday, there are still many things that need to be resolved and adjusted.


Thank you for your generosity, support and prayers!