Following the Evangelical Covenant Church:

  • We affirm the centrality of the word of God.

  • We affirm the necessity of the new birth.

  • We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church.

  • We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers.

  • We affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit.

  • We affirm the reality of freedom in Christ.



a worshiping community: through our songs, prayers, liturgy and study of scripture, we believe that our worship not only honors God but forms us as His people (Psalm 115)

an authentic community:  we come as we are - broken, imperfect, diverse - but we are all welcome to the process of healing and reconciliation (Matt 11:28-30)

an empowering community: every woman and man filled by the Spirit to be servant leaders in the ways God has gifted them (Eph 4)

a rooted community: we long to be both IN and FOR our local context, longing to seek the shalom of the city (Jer 29:7) and modeling ourselves after Jesus who “became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14 MSG)

a learning community: we believe that a disciple is a life-long student of the way of Jesus and that we are to put into practice that which we are learning (Matt 7:24) — because of this we encourage asking questions and wrestling with doubt

a multiplying community: desiring growth not just in size but in fruitfulness - raising up disciples and churches to embody and proclaim the reign of God (mark 4)